Canada Attracting Foreign Workers in Entertainment Industry

The Canadian entertainment industry is an important sector of the Canadian economy. The success of this industry within Canada can be attributed to Canada’s multicultural population and diverse landscapes, which combine to make Canada the ideal setting for a wide variety of different film and television projects.

Although there are many talented Canadians working in this field, the importance of the participation of foreign nationals is undeniable. It is therefore essential for the success of this industry that there be a facilitated process available to these foreign nationals that allow them to work legally in Canada in the easiest and most expeditious manner possible.

To burden them with paperwork and subject them to the lengthy processing times usually associated with acquiring a Canadian work permit would not be in the best interests of Canada’s economy, as it could deter producers from considering Canada as a viable option for their entertainment project.

Fortunately, the government of Canada is aware of this risk and has consequently provided several avenues through which foreign nationals who want to work in the Canadian entertainment industry can do so.