Immigration will receive bigger budget in 2019 ‎

The Government of Canada tabled the 2019 Budget in March. Here’s a breakdown of what it ‎means for IRCC and Canadian immigration:‎

Client service
• ‎$42.9 million over 2 years will be provided to IRCC to improve immigration client service ‎by adding call centre agents, with a focus on business lines with the longest delays.‎
• ‎$78.6 million over 2 years is to be invested to ease and increase the efficiency of the entry ‎of visitors to Canada, while protecting the health and security of Canadians. The funds ‎will also ensure the resources needed to process global demand for Canadian visitor visas, ‎work and study permits.‎

Border security
• ‎$1.18 billion over 5 years starting in 2019 to 2020, and $55 million per year ongoing, to ‎support the Border Enforcement Strategy‏.‏
Immigration consultants
• ‎$51.9 million over 5 years, starting in 2019 to 2020, and $10.1 million per year ongoing to ‎help protect newcomers and applicants wishing to obtain services from legitimate service ‎providers. This will improve the government’s oversight of immigration consultants and ‎support public awareness activities that will help new immigrants and applicants protect ‎themselves from fraudsters and scammers.‎