557 PNP candidates invited in newest draw of Express Entry

IN this recent draw 176 more candidates than previous PNP were issued invitation to apply for Permanent residency.

Candidates needed a score of at least 752 in the Express Entry selection pool in order to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). They also needed to have previously received a nomination from a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Any time someone gets a provincial nomination through an Express Entry-linked PNP, they automatically get 600 points added to their score. This is why the score requirement was so high. Without the nomination, the lowest-scoring candidate would have had a score of 152.
Express Entry in 2021

In 2021 alone, Canada is set to welcome 108,500 new immigrants through Express Entry-managed programs. So far, IRCC has invited 62,328 Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residents.

13 05 2021 01

Express Entry PNP draw in 2021
PNP-only and CEC-only draws have vastly different CRS requirements. This is because PNP candidates have the 600-point award attached to their score. CEC candidates are invited in high numbers, and they are not competing for invitations from other programs, so there is more room for IRCC to invite lower-scoring candidates.

13 05 2021 02