Canada’s hotel quarantine should end, says COVID-19 panel

Scientific panel advising the Canadian government, recommends ending the mandatory three-day hotel stay, but that the home quarantine policy remain in place.

The scientific panel that advises the Canadian federal government on COVID-19-related issues is now recommending ending the mandatory hotel quarantine.
The panel’s reasons include the cost, as well as the fact that three days is not the same as what is known about the virus’ incubation period.
Despite suggesting removing the hotel stay requirement, a quarantine period would still be required.

. The panel also discussed whether vaccinated individuals need to quarantine at all.
The panel says that rules shouldn’t change quickly, but maintains that its proposed approach is “evidence-informed and reflects the global situation on SARS-CoV-2 and vaccine effectiveness.”
They have outlined rules for five groups of travelers, including those who:
• aren’t vaccinated and not exempt from the current travel restrictions;
• are partially vaccinated and not exempt from the current travel restrictions;
• are fully vaccinated and not exempt from the current travel restrictions;
• have previously been infected with the virus, and you are not exempt from the current travel restrictions;
• Are exempt from the travel restrictions.


The panel suggests that travelers who are fully vaccinated shouldn’t have to quarantine or take a COVID-19 test after 10 days. However, they would still have to take a COVID-19 test on arrival, and go into quarantine if positive.
The panel is suggesting that seven-day quarantine with a test at the end of the quarantine period is more effective than 14-day quarantine without a test.
“Requiring a test at day seven of quarantine to facilitate exit may prove to be an incentive and thus increase compliance, resulting in more robust surveillance,” the panel said.
The incubation period for the virus is longer than three days. Many COVID-19 cases were discovered after about a week. This shows that the three-day hotel stay may be less effective than expected.
The hotel quarantine was criticized as being expensive and unfair. The panel had the same reasons when suggesting it should be removed.
However, the panel maintained that there should still be a quarantine period for incoming travelers.