Temporary public policy for nationals of Iran in Canada as temporary residents

These new facilitative measures are in effect, and individuals can apply as of March 1, 2023, and until February 28, 2024.

This public policy will allow eligible Iranian nationals currently in Canada as temporary residents to apply for the following at no cost:

  • extension of their temporary resident status in Canada
  • open work permits
  • study permits

Eligible applications submitted in Canada will be processed on a priority basis.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents living in Iran will also be able to apply for the following documents, at no cost, to help facilitate their travel:

  • limited-validity Canadian passports
  • Canadian citizenship certificates
  • permanent resident travel documents 


Following the tragic killing of Mahsa Amini by the Iranian regime’s so-called "morality police", the Government of Canada has introduced a number of measures designed to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its repression of peaceful protests. The actions by the Iranian regime represent a blatant disregard for human rights and human life. The Government of Canada reiterates its unequivocal and ongoing support for the brave women, students, and people of Iran.

Many Iranians have chosen to come to Canada to visit or spend time with family, study, or work temporarily. It is understood that some of these temporary residents may feel uncomfortable returning to Iran at this time and may wish to prolong their stay. The measures outlined in this public policy will make it easier for those who wish to extend their temporary stay in Canada without fees and move between temporary resident streams.