Ontario Prioritizes Public Institutions for 2024 International Study Permits

Ontario has announced its plan to prioritize public universities and colleges for 96% of its international study permits in 2024, leaving the rest for private universities and other institutions. This strategy aims to support the provincial labor market by focusing on postsecondary programs that prepare students for high-demand jobs in sectors like skilled trades, healthcare, STEM, hospitality, and childcare, while also emphasizing French-language skills.

The distribution maintains 2023 levels for most public universities and colleges, with specific limitations on permit allocations to ensure a balance between international and domestic student enrollments. Notably, career colleges will not receive study permit allocations. This decision aligns with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's cap on undergraduate study permits nationwide, contrasting with other provinces like British Columbia, which has a more even split between public and private institution permits.

Ontario is expected to announce details on obtaining a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) for international students, facilitating their study permit process under the new allocation system.