350 applicants Accepted through Nova Scotia Express Entry Stream

Eligible candidates who are interested in applying to the stream may benefit from being prepared in advance and ensuring they have all documentation up-to-date and ready to submit. Applicants who are successfully nominated by the province of Nova Scotia receive an additional 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, leaving them well positioned to receive an Invitation to Apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Category B of the NSDEE is open to skilled workers with the required amount of work experience in one of Nova Scotia’s opportunity occupations, and who score at least 67 points on Nova Scotia’s unique points system, among other criteria. No job offer is required and there is no mandatory minimum CRS score.
It’s important to note that Nova Scotia recently made changes to its list of opportunity occupations that saw the number of occupations reduced from 16 to 11.

The occupations now on the list are:

28-4-2018 NS

To apply under Category B, you must:
• Have a profile registered in the federal Express Entry system
• Score 67 points or more on the stream’s six selection factors
• Have at least 1 year of skilled work experience in one of Nova Scotia’s target occupations.
• Have a Canadian high school credential or equivalent.
• Prove language ability in English or French at Canadian Language Benchmark 7.
• Show enough financial resources to successfully settle in Nova Scotia.