Federal Skilled Worker Program Remains Open After Quebec Program Reaches Cap

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Earlier this month, Quebec Immigration announced that the Quebec Skilled program cap has been reached. Therefore the only alternative for this group of applicant is Federal Skilled Worker program. The Federal Skilled Worker points system program is on the base of applicant's skills and Work experience.

This group of applicant do not need job offer from a Canadian employers, and if accumulate enough points, can apply for Canadian permanent residency. For instance, applicants with the age below 35 years old, fluency in English, with at least 1 year full time related work experience have a better chance for gaining enough points.

The Federal Skilled Worker program also has a deadline and cap for each occupation. The deadline is 31th December, 2014.

This is the best alternative for applicant interested in Québec skilled worker program who are fluent in English, because the Federal Skilled Worker program is on the base of points, and there are a lot of common occupations in both lists.

Therefore, if you meet the following requirements, do not hesitate to apply under this program:

Having at least one year full time or equivalent part time work experience in the last 10 years related to one of the 50 announced occupations, accompanying with fluency in either French or English.

In addition, applicants who have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer do not fall under this cap and deadline.

PhD Students who have completed or passed at least two years toward their degree in Canada can apply under PhD program which has a deadline of 31st December 2014, with cap of 500 applications.