50% of Quebec skilled worker applications are refused in 2014

By 2021, it is estimated that Quebec will have to find about 1 million skilled workers to fill the jobs and retirements. However, according to a document obtained by Le Devoir, 52% of applications for immigration of skilled workers were dismissed or denied from the beginning of the year and September 30, 2014.

The Quebec Association of lawyers and lawyers in immigration law (AQAADI) estimates that this increase denial is "very disturbing.”Most of the applications for immigration of skilled workers are often rejected for reasons deemed" unjustified. Applications are refused for many minor issues and the chances of corrections have been taken away from applicants.

In fact, according to documents obtained, the Department of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion rejected 37% of the 19 300 files reviewed and rejected 15% of files on 30 September 2014. In 2013, 18% of 24 500 files reviewed were rejected and 17% refused for all of applications received in 2013. Mr. Boudreault explains that the socio-economic ministry officials reject files before they are analyzed.

"The worst is the rejection of applications. We can reject a case because the seal is not translated. "Illustrates Me Boudreault. Examples like this; AQAADI has identified many similar refusal cases in the last month. Lawyers consulted by Le Devoir noted that the foreign worker cases were dismissed because foreign government seals only included symbols. In many cases applications were rejected because the original documents were provided instead of certified copies. Records shows that many cases were rejected because the candidates did not submit certified translation of high School transcripts l, while they have university degrees. " 50% of cases of people also been refused or rejected since beginning of the year. In fact, only 35% of total applications were rejected and 19% accepted.

AQAADI has more concerns for business applicant refusals specially investor applicants who pay $10,000 processing fee since 1 August 2013. "These immigrants bring money, but yet receive rejects on miner details. In fact, we cash the $ 10,000, "said Mr. Boudreault who thinks this way is almost of" unjust enrichment. "He recalls that these business people are multimillionaires whose their business and investment contributions in Quebec plays an important role in Quebec’s economy. They do not come to Quebec" stealing jobs ", as is a popular belief, the reality is that these investors apply to come here to invest. "If we do not compete with the other countries. We might lose important financial resources or skilled applicants where it is easier for them to immigrate because the Rules here are tightened.

The Ministry of Immigration, Jonathan Lavallée spokesman acknowledged that the acceptance rules of immigration for skilled workers and business people have been tightened in recent years. In the wake of the Auditor General's report released in 2010-2011, the government has revised these rules after gaps were identified. "We had to be more rigorous and uniform," Mr. Lavallée. "If a document is missing or does not comply, applicants have 90 days to deliver.

Mr. Boudreault specifies that only skilled workers and business people whose cases are rejected are entitled to 90 days to make a request for administrative review. But when the records are rejected, there is no recourse except go spend thousands of dollars in Superior Court. Skilled workers, are not necessarily wealthy and can afford to embark on a legal battle at a very high expense.

The spokesman of the ministry added that the Quebec government will still host this year about 50,000 immigrants. Mr. Lavallée also noted that, in the annual plan of immigration in 2015, "the share of economic immigration will account for 65% of all immigrants, the same proportion as the target for 2014". In this plan, the number of skilled workers would be between 25,500 and 27,000, and there will be between 5,000 and 5,200 immigrants accepted among business people.