International students are forgotten under New System

During the past 7 months, Immigration policies for International students have been changed, leaving many students disappointed.

A large number of International students who come to Canada, plan to change their temporary student visas to temporary foreign worker visa, and later on, after achieving one year work experience related to their field of study, to a permanent resident one, and want Canada to become their home. However, the new complicated system is making them confused and causing them to face difficulties in staying in Canada.

The Express Entry process is very simple and obvious. Here is an example of how it works for international students:

  •  Step 1: Starting a four-year university program in Ontario, and completing the program successfully.

  •  Step 2: Applying for a post-graduate open work permit which will be issued in 3 to 4 months until PR application is finalized.

  •  Step 3: Obtaining one year work experience related to the field of study.

    •  Step 4: Either, Submitting an application under Express Entry.

    •  Step 5: Or, first submit a request to receive a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and start working in an entry-level position, and then apply under Express Entry.

But, it comes down to negative effects, for foreign students to qualify for the LMIA, by omitting benefits for employers and making the process more difficult to receive a LMIA. In addition, due to their low points in Express Entry grid, it can’t clearly be said whether and when they will be selected from the pool. It is a major disadvantage for them.

Express Entry selection criteria shows how each applicant can find their path to success and achieve a higher point in ranking system. On the other side, it doesn’t help enough to provide the opportunities for all potentially successful applicants, like the ones who have completed educational programs inside Canada, to be selected through Express Entry.