Saskatchewan re-opens Skilled Worker Programme

The International Skilled Worker Programme (SWP) of the Saskatchewan province of Canada has been re-opened for accepting applications. This is the third intake announcement. the first and second intakes did take place in January and September respectively each of 1000 cap . The province will accept another 500 applications as of November 2nd.

The SWP is one of the streams of the provincial programme of Saskatchewan, which runs in line with the federal Express Entry System. This means that applicants must have registered with the Express Entry system when they apply for the SWP.

The programme is a popular provincial immigration stream as it does not require a job offer or connection to the province in order to be eligible.

The 500 application gap is therefore a competitive one and interested applicants are recommended to act quickly.

“Because applicants are now required to be registered in the Express Entry System, the application for the SWP moves very fast. All applicants already have a registration number, and whenever a provincial programme such as this one opens, they apply for it immediately,” explained a Canada consultant at Vision Dubai.