list of eligible Global Talent Stream occupations has been updated

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Computer network technicians added to list, engineering managers and architecture and science managers removed

The Government of Canada has updated the list of occupations that are eligible under its popular Global Talent Stream.
The update saw two professions removed from the Global Talent Occupations List and the addition of computer network technicians (NOC 2281).

The occupations removed were:

• engineering managers (NOC 0211)
• architecture and science managers (NOC 0212)

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the federal ministry responsible for processing applications to the Global Talent Stream, said the update was necessary “to ensure [the list] continues to reflect the Canadian labour market and the needs of innovative companies.”
The occupations list applies to Category B of the Global Talent Stream. ESDC said it has been determined that there is both a high demand for workers in the occupations listed and an insufficient supply of domestic workers with the required skills.
Canadian employers looking to hire foreign workers on the list benefit from work permits that can be issued in as little as two weeks in exchange for a commitment to increase skills and training investments for Canadians and permanent residents.
ESDC said submissions for occupations being removed from the list will be accepted until August 4, 2019.
Those received after August 4, 2019, will not be processed.