More than 19,000 new immigrants in June

Canada’s immigration level in June was the highest since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Canada welcomed nearly 19,200 new permanent residents in June 2020. This was revealed in new Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data released today.

Screenshot 2020 08 15 Canada welcomed over 19000 immigrants in June Canada Immigration News

Top immigrant countries in June
The top 10 immigrant source countries in June 2020 (PR numbers in brackets) were:
• India (6,760)
• China (2,010)
• Philippines (900)
• USA (740)
• Pakistan (595)
• Brazil (560)
• United Kingdom (535)
• Nigeria (530)
• Iran (390)
• South Korea (355)
What to expect for the rest of 2020
Canada’s PR levels tend to be higher in the summer so over the coming summer months we should expect immigration levels to remain in the same range as the June level.
Conversely, the travel restrictions and other COVID-19 disruptions will keep PR figures lower than what they were during similar periods in 2019.