Did you know on what conditions restoration of an expired Temporary status is possible?

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Restoration of TR status: eligibility

Further to the above, to be eligible for TR status restoration, applicants must:

  • Apply within 90 days of loss of status
  • Remain in Canada until a decision is made
  • Have not failed to comply with any condition imposed automatically by regulation [R183] or by an officer [R185], other than those stated below
  • Continue to meet the requirements of a temporary resident and the requirements of the work or study permit, as applicable
  • Have only lost their status only because they failed to comply with certain three specific conditions

The conditions encompassed in the final bullet point above include that the applicant was found to be:

  • Remaining in Canada beyond the period authorized for their stay
  • Engaging in work that falls outside the type of work, employer or location of work imposed by their initial TR application
  • Engaging in studies that fall outside the type of studies/course, educational institution, times and periods of study, or location of studies imposed by their initial TR application