University of Saskatchewan: Support for Iranian Applicants

Students from Iran comprise an important part of our current and future graduate student community. Given the current situation in Iran we are working hard to support Iranian applicants. Current supports available include:

If a supervisor/program is interested in considering an individual’s formal application and payment of the application fee is a barrier for the applicant, we can provide an application fee waiver.

If an Iranian applicant is struggling to access English language proficiency testing, we can provide a Duolingo waiver code.

If an Iranian applicant’s referees are unable to submit reference letters online, we can work with the program to establish an alternative.

If an Iranian applicant is admitted and is having difficulties in getting their current or former institutions to send official documents to CGPS, we can discuss alternative options with the admitting program.

Programs working with any Iranian applicants who are having difficulties with aspects of the application process are encouraged to reach out to their CGPS Program Advisor to discuss the ways in which we can support.