Low Grades Lead to Study Permit Rejections

The Federal Court ruled that low grades in core courses can be a reasonable basis for refusing a study permit application in Canada.

The case involved a 23-year-old Indian citizen who applied for a study permit to pursue a post-graduate certificate in entrepreneurship management at Canadore College.

Despite being accepted by the college, the applicant's study permit was denied due to low grades and the officer's determination that he was not a bona fide student.

The court ruled that the visa officer did not have to explain their decision based on grades, even if a Canadian institution accepted the student.

Implications include extensive discretion for visa officers to refuse applications and the need for students with lower grades to address concerns about their ability to succeed in their studies.

Eligibility requirements for a Canadian study permit include financial support, obtaining a Certificat d'acceptation du Quebec if studying in Quebec, having a clean record, good health, and demonstrating plans to leave Canada after studies.