Canada seeking more francophone Immigrants for the next 2 years

IRCC is looking to welcome 31,500 French-speaking permanent residents (PRs) in 2025 and 36,000 newcomers under the same category in 2026 for admission outside Quebec.

IRCC has noted that they will undertake the following actions in pursuit of this goal:

  • Develop a new Francophone Immigration Policy
  • Boost promotion and selection efforts” of French-speaking PRs
  • Support the “settlement and integration of French-speaking immigrants in Francophone minority communities”
  • Set “ambitious yet attainable targets to increase [Francophone PR admissions] on an ongoing basis”

In November this year, Immigration Minister Marc Miller reaffirmed the value Canada sees in Francophone immigration during National Francophone Immigration Week. As part of his statement, Miller said: “National Francophone Immigration Week ... allows us to highlight the importance of Francophone immigration to Canada. It is ... the time to express our appreciation for the extraordinary contribution of French-speaking immigrants to Canada’s cultural, demographic and economic richness.”

As part of this plan, IRCC has indicated that it will spend $18.5 million “to promote and build recruitment support [for Francophone immigration] both in Canada and abroad, including in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.” Additionally, IRCC says that $50 million “will go to further consolidating the Francophone integration pathway.