Canada needs more immigrant doctors to support the national healthcare system

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  • Express Entry candidates with scores as low as 302 selected by Alberta this month

Canada is tackling its doctor shortage by investing in credential recognition for immigrant doctors and introducing category-based Express Entry draws to prioritize healthcare professionals.

These measures, alongside expanding medical education and residency slots, aim to enhance the healthcare system's capacity to meet growing demands. With over 6.5 million Canadians lacking a family doctor, the integration of more immigrant physicians and the expansion of training opportunities are crucial steps in bridging the healthcare gap.

immigrants make up the following percentage of all healthcare workers in Canada:

  • 23% of registered nurses
  • 35% of nurse aides and [those in] related occupations
  • 37% of pharmacists
  • 36% of physicians
  • 39% of dentists
  • 54% of dental technologists and [those in] related occupations