Canadian Border Workers' Strike Delayed Until Wednesday Amid Mediation

The strike by 9,000 Canadian border workers is postponed until Wednesday as mediation continues between the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the federal government. Initially planned for Friday at 4 p.m., the strike was delayed allowing further negotiations.

The union demands better wages, pensions, remote work options, and protections against job loss due to technology. A similar strike three years ago caused significant disruptions. Nearly 90% of frontline officers are considered essential and must continue working, but work-to-rule actions could still slow operations. Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters warned that the strike could affect $3.1 billion in daily trade, impacting travel, mail deliveries, and duties collection.

The federal Treasury Board expressed satisfaction with PSAC's decision to continue negotiations, aiming for a fair agreement. Concerns also include "heavy-handed discipline" and maintaining job security against automation. The government remains committed to a deal beneficial to both employees and taxpayers, while experts caution about the economic impact of the strike.