A new PR pathway for international graduates in Manitoba

A new immigration pathway for international graduates of post-secondary institutions in Manitoba is now open to Expressions of Interest from eligible candidates.

In order to be eligible for the  Currier Employment Pathway , candidates must have graduated from a full-time program of at least one year / two semesters in length and be living in the province at the time they submit their EOI.
Among  Other criteria, candidates must also have:
•    a full-time job offer from an eligible current employer in an occupation that’s considered  In demand  in Manitoba and is consistent with their training and education;
•    completed a bridging program and passed the initial stage of certification as determined by the relevant regulatory body.
Interested international students  can apply immediately after graduating and must be living in Manitoba
The pathway’s opening on November 30 brings the number of immigration options for international students in Manitoba to three under the MPNP’s new International Education Stream.
At that time, the MPNP stated that attracting and retaining international graduates from Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions with the training to support innovation was a key element of the MPNP’s renewal program.