Studying in Quebec - Path to Permanent Immigration of Canada

While a new group of students are preparing themselves to start their studies in Canada for fall 2015 semester, another group are thinking of their options for the upcoming year. Getting ready and considering all study opportunities in Canada play an important role in obtaining permanent residency status of Canada.

Quality, safety, employment opportunities, and options to get Canadian permanent residence have all made Canada one of the highest priorities for students when it comes to making decisions for future studies.

More than 45,000 international students come to Canada every year, and since Quebec provides great opportunities to obtain Canadian permanent residency after graduation, it has become one of the most popular provinces in between these students. The most important reasons why Quebec is so popular between them are listed below.

  • Quebec is very famous for its unique culture, linguistic, and history between all Canadian provinces. Although most of its population are French speaking, but students can benefit from both languages. Students can find dynamic and lively atmosphere study opportunities in this province. So many popular and highly ranked universities like McGill University, Laval, Bishops, L’Université de Montreal, and Concordia are all located in this province. Quebec’s metropolis, Montreal has second highest percentage of students in its population in North America. Boston has the highest percentage.

  • Quebec has the most affordable schooling system in North America. Average tuition fee paid by Quebec students is the lowest in Canada, and also, financial aids are also available for residents of this province and in some cases for international students. Worldwide quality institutions are available in Quebec and offer programs in both English and French languages.

  • Another great opportunity available for students, who study in Quebec, is the ability to apply for Canadian permanent residency right after graduation and benefit from short processing times.

  • One of the advantages, which are not available in any other country or even any other province of Canada, of studying in Quebec is having the opportunity to obtain work permit during and after graduation. It also makes it possible for these students to apply for permanent resident visa without having a minimum of one year related work experience.

Process of applying for permanent resident for Quebec Graduates

Changing residency status in Quebec occurs in two steps. First applying and obtaining Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) , and then applying for Canadian permanent resident visa under QSW or PEQ.

Quebec Experienced Program (PEQ)

This program is one of the student oriented immigration programs of Canada and is designed for international students who are studying in Quebec and are seeking opportunities to establish their lives in Quebec.

Having a correct combination of education and language skills, students can apply under this program. They need to submit their application either right after, or six months prior to graduation. To be eligible they must:

PEQ eligibilities:

  •  Obtain one of the following degrees:

    •  Bachelor

    •  Masters (or MBA)

    •  PHD

    •  DEC – Diploma of College Studies, technical training

    •  DEP – Diploma Of Vocational Studies, lasting 1,800 hours of study

    •  A DEP – Diploma Of Vocational Studies, followed by an ASP (Attestation Of Vocational Specialization) comprising a minimum of 1,800 hours of training and leading to a particular trade.

  •  Having French knowledge

  •  Submitting application up to maximum 36 months after graduation

Eligible students will receive CSQ or Quebec temporary residency and later they can apply for Canadian permanent resident visa with support of having Quebec residency.

QSW Eligibilities:

Quebec graduates after obtaining minimum required points in pointing system of QSW will be able to submit their application to receive CSQ and apply for Canadian permanent residency accordingly.

Photo by Kyle Gregory Devaras on Unsplash