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  • New ‘Revolutionary’ Regulations for Quebec Immigration Program

    Quebec’s Immigration Minister David Heurtel said that his ministry is expected to implement new immigration regulations on August 2, 2018. The new regulations, originally outlined in March, include a new Expression of Interest system which is intended to replace the first-come, first-served application process for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program(QSWP) as well as its Mon Projet Quebec application portal

  • New and Major changes in Quebec Skilled Worker Program

    August 2015 Quebec government has announced new changes in Quebec Skilled Worker immigration program which is one the most famous programs among all Canada immigration programs.

  • New changes for temporary resident visa applications from the Canadaian embassy to Turkey

    As of June 2013 two new visa application centers (VACs) will be opening in Turkey . One will open on June, 05th in Ankara and on June 19th 2013 the second center will be open in Istanbul.

  • New changes of Quebec Immigration Programs effective August 1, 2013

    The government of Quebec has announced new changes to the immigration rules and procedures in effect from August 1 2013 to March 31 2014.

    Quebec Skilled Workers:

  • New dates of receipt of applications for skilled workers candidates

    January 13, 2016 - Since its launch, the online service My Québec project was a high-traffic from candidates who wish to apply for a Quebec selection certificate under the regular program for skilled workers. To date, nearly 15,000 accounts were created, proof of the interest of many candidates who plan to immigrate to Quebec.

  • New Figures for Quebec Immigration has been released

    Quebec is sticking to its plan to bring around 51,000 new immigrants to the province in 2017. Quebec's Immigration Minister, Kathleen Weil, confirmed the figure this week, while also providing details on a plan to provide an additional $31 million to French language-training programs for newcomers. Total government spending in that area will now be $168 million a year.

  • New immigration program to attract francophone applicants outside Quebec

    On March 17, 2016 federal government announced a new immigration program to attract skilled francophone workers to Canada and encouraging them to settle in communities outside of Quebec that will launch on the first day of June.

  • New Occupations List for Global Talent Stream

    The fast-track stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Temporary Foreign worker Program, has launched as of June 12, establishing a two-week standard for the processing of work permit applications for highly skilled occupations.

  • Notice – Class action against the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion

    In compliance with terms of a judgement rendered by the Superior Court on June 19, 2019, the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversitté; et de l’Inclusion distributes the following notice:

    This notice is intended for persons who filed an application with the Québec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion for a Québec Selection Certificate (“CSQ”) in the Regular Skilled Worker programme and who fulfill the following conditions:
    Group 1: Individuals whose CSQ Applications were filed between February 1st, 2012 and May 31, 2013; whose CSQ Application contained an immigration form A-1520-AA or A-1520-AF indicating that their CSQ application would be processed in accordance with the regulations in force at the time of filing with the MIDI or the language "Your application for a selection certificate will be processed based on the regulations in effect when it was submitted”; and whose CSQ Application was refused subsequent to the entry into force of the selection grid on August 1st, 2013.

    Group 2: Individuals whose application for a CSQ was filed before February 1st, 2012 or between June 1st, 2013 and July 7th, 2013; and whose CSQ application was refused subsequent to the entry into force of the selection grid on August 1st, 2013.

    Group 3: Individuals whose application for a CSQ was filed between July 8th, 2013 and March 8th, 2017; and whose CSQ application was refused subsequent to the entry into force of the selection grid on March 8th, 2017.

    On February 19, 2018, the Superior Court of Québec (the “Court”) authorized a class action against the Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (the “Minister”) and the Government of Québec (collectively, the “Defendants”).

    A Settlement Agreement has been reached between the Plaintiffs and the Defendants. The Settlement Agreement is not an admission of liability on the part of the Defendants.
    Pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, each Eligible Class Member (defined above) is entitled to receive compensation as follows:
    Group 1: 50% of the fees paid by a member of group 1 to submit his or her CSQ Application;

    Group 2: 25% of the fees paid by a member of group 2 to submit his or her CSQ Application; and

    Group 3: 25% of the fees paid by a member of group 3 to submit his or her CSQ Application.

    Membership in the Class was closed on June 19, 2019. This means that if your application was refused after this date, you are not a member of the Class and are not bound by the terms of the Settlement Agreement.
    On June 19, 2019, the Superior Court of Québec rendered a judgment approving the Settlement Agreement (the “Judgment”).

    If you are a Class Member, you are bound by the terms of the Settlement Agreement. Only Eligible Class Members will receive compensation pursuant to the Settlement Agreement.
    In order to receive compensation, you have until October 17, 2019 to fill out the form Individual claim form pertaining to class action settlement 500-06-000669-193 which is available at the following website:

    You can also send the form by mail to:
    Direction de l'enregistrement et de l'évaluation comparative
    Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion
    285, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, 4e étage
    Montréal, Québec H2Y 1T8
    If you choose to submit your claim by regular mail, it must be postmarked by October 17, 2019 in order to be processed.

    If you do not submit the form through the website or by regular mail by this deadline, you will not receive any compensation from the MIDI.
    The complete versions of the Settlement Agreement and the Applications for Approval can be found at

  • Number of Quebecers Moving to Other Provinces Increases

    A recent report from the Institute de la statistique du Québec says that more Quebecers are leaving to live in other provinces. In 2012, 8,700 Quebecers left to live in another province. In 2013, that number increased to 13,100 people. Most people are leaving to live in Ontario (7,100) and Alberta (4,700). The losses experienced in 2013 were the most significant since 1998.

  • Nursing profession is in High Demand throughout Canada

    Nursing profession is in High Demand throughout Canada

  • Ontario announced Temporary pause on some of Immigration Program

    The Canadian province of Ontario has announced that it is temporarily pausing the intake of applications for select streams through the Ontario Nominee program (OINP), while other OINP streams remain open.

  • PEQ Advantages – Study in Quebec

    You want to apply for Immigration to Canada, but:

  • Provinces are seeking for more French Speaking Immigrants

    The leaders of Canada’s provinces and territories have agreed to reach a target of 5% francophone (i.e. French-speaking) immigration outside the province of Quebec. This target follows the objective of the federal government that, by 2018, francophone newcomers will represent at least 4% of all economic immigrants who settle outside Quebec.

  • Provincial Nominee Programs received additional increase of 2000 spaces for temporary workers

    Spaces will provide PR pathway for workers at the intermediate skill level

  • Quebec 2019 selection cap has been set on 40,000 new immigrants

    Majority of Quebec new immigrants will arrive through economic immigration programs, including Quebec Skilled Worker Program
    Quebec could admit up to 42,000 new permanent residents and issue as many as 24,800 selection certificates in the New Year, the province says in its new immigration plan for 2019.  

  • Quebec judge orders Quebec immigration to continue processing Skilled Worker Program applications

    Quebec's immigration minister says province will continue processing applications until Bill 9 is passed into law

  • Quebec 44 Professions

    Quebec Facilitated IT program came to an end on February 24th; the 7 affected professions are now part of a newly announced facilitated labour market assessment process.

  • Quebec And Saskatchewan Announce Changes To business programs

    The Canadian provinces of Quebec and Saskatchewan both revealed changes to the business streams of their immigration programs in recent weeks.

  • Quebec Announces Immigration Goals for 2015

    This week the Quebec Provincial Government announced its immigration objectives for 2015. This will mark the final stage of the 2012-2015 immigration plan. The government aims to issue between 37,500 and 43,000 selection certificates in 2015. The breakdown of which is as follows: