United Kingdom

  • Canada attracts more international students than United Kingdom

    Every year more international students are coming to Canada to study than to the United Kingdom (UK). Tighter immigration rules in the UK could be named as one of the main reasons why the country has now been overtaken by Canada in the competition for these students.

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    Citizenship through global investment options

    Investing in an alternative residence and citizenship unlocks the potential for individuals to become global citizens.
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  • Toronto Tech Firms Hiring more International Workers

    More international workers are being hired by technology companies in the Toronto region thanks to a fast-track work visa program introduced by Canada’s government last year, a new study reports. Of the 53 high-growth tech companies who responded to the MaRS Discovery District survey, 45% reported hiring international candidates in 2017 and 53 percent experienced a jump in international applications in 2017 over 2016.

  • U.S. and Canadian Immigration Policies: A Comparison

    North America immigration policies are constantly changing. Canada and the United States used to select migrants from the British and European countries. Now both Canadian and U.S. immigration policies have changed significantly. Immigration issues are currently more highlighted in both countries these days. Canada is in election mode, with many new Canadians expected to vote for the first time.